Big Bear City 92314 Market Trends

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🏡📊 Big Bear City Real Estate Update 📊🏡

🗓️ Date: September 2023
🏢 Company: Easterby and Associates
👥 Audience: Buyers and Sellers
📍 City: Big Bear City, CA 92314

📈 Market Trends Snapshot 📈

1️⃣ Currently, there are 6.77 months supply of inventory in Big Bear City. This indicates a balanced market, offering opportunities for both buyers and sellers. 

2️⃣ Over the past 12 months, the months supply of inventory has experienced a significant increase of +105.78%. This suggests that the market is becoming more favorable for buyers, creating a wider range of options.

3️⃣ The list to sold price percentage is an impressive 98.8%. This demonstrates that properties in Big Bear City are generally selling close to their list price, benefiting both buyers and sellers.

4️⃣ The median days on market is 47, indicating a relatively quick turnaround for properties. If you're looking to sell, this means you have a good chance of finding a buyer in a reasonable timeframe.

5️⃣ Lastly, the median sold price in Big Bear City is currently $420,000. This shows stability and potential for growth in the local real estate market.

🔍 As your trusted Realtor, I am here to guide you through these market trends and help you make informed decisions. Whether you're a buyer or a seller, now is a great time to explore the opportunities available in Big Bear City!

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